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Packing for removal is a tough a stressful job, so why not leave it to the professionals? When you move home or switch to new office premises, it is a difficult time for all concerned.

Knowing where to start packing is hard enough, let alone getting it all done in time for the big move. Don’t worry about safe packing and risking injury to yourself. Let our experts take care of removals packing service Inverness.

Removals Packing Service Inverness

As a trusted local removals company, we have helped clients all over Inverness to move safely to their new property. It’s important that we pack logically and systematically, otherwise, losses can occur. We aim to help our clients enjoy the best possible moving experience. As such, we decided to offer our experience and skills by providing full removals packing service Inverness.

We provide all packaging materials including boxes and tape, so you can be sure delicate items are safe and everything will arrive in one piece. For added peace of mind, we have comprehensive insurance cover during packing, loading and when on the move.

Packing up safely

If you have bulky items like furniture to move, we arrange dismantling before packing wherever possible. This maximises space efficiency in the vans. We will work closely with you to find a sensible packing plan, before getting everything you own safely boxed up and properly packaged. Everything will be labelled according to a strict system, so we can easily unpack everything at the other end and get you set up in your new home.

Sit back and enjoy the move: all you need to do is get yourself and your family to the new property. We have everything else in hand. We also offer our packing service for commercial moves, helping offices move quickly and get set back up with a minimal productivity loss.