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There are many great war memorials across the UK, but they don’t always get the recognition they deserve. So this blog post is based on the information on the tablet on the wall of the main railway station in Inverness. It is dedicated to the Great War Inverness Victims.

Here is the list of some of the Highland Railway company employees who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 to 1918.


  • Private Robert Baine
  • Private William Bell
  • Trooper John Cameron
  • Private Archibald Cameron
  • Private Donald Campbell
  • Corporal Donald Campbell
  • Private William Campbell
  • Private John Chisholm
  • Sgt John Drew
  • Private Malcolm Christie
  • Private Daniel George Deas,
  • Corporal Alexander Figgins
  • Private William Drew
  • Private John Edwards
  • Driver John Gibson
  • Private William Elder
  • Private Philip Fisher
  • Trooper Maurice Gillespie
  • Private Alexander Fraser
  • Private Hugh Fraser
  • Corporal John Gordon
  • Private Hugh Fraser
  • Private Alex Gollan
  • Corporal Alex Grant
  • Private William Gordon
  • Private David Grant
  • Sgt William Grey
  • Private Peter Grant
  • Private Charles Marshall
  • Sgt John Matheson
  • Private William Mellis
  • Private Murdo Morrison
  • Corporal Alexander Mitchell
  • Private William Munro
  • Private William MacArthur
  • Sergeant major William Murdoch
  • Private Donald MacAskill
  • Private Malcolm McBain
  • Corporal William Murray
  • Private Daniel MacDonald
  • Private James MacDonald
  • Private Duncan Mark MacFarquhar

Great War Inverness Victims

Inverness railway station

The tablet with all the above-listed names is placed near the main railway station in Inverness. It has been subscribed by the directors, officers and staff of the railway company for which these people worked. For other interesting blog posts about Inverness please visit this Inverness blog. To read more about the  Great War Inverness Victims, we recommend an article published on the National Archives website.