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Flying to London from Inverness. The quickest way of reaching London from Inverness is by getting a flight. The flights on this route are offered by EasyJet to Gatwick Airport and British Airways to Heathrow Airport.

There are three EasyJet flights per day. One in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. On top of that, there’s one British Airways flight from Inverness to London at around midday. To catch the flight you have to go to Inverness Airport which is located approximately 8 miles east of the city centre.

Getting to the airport is easy. You can catch the bus number A11 from the bus stop located right in front of Pizza Express near Eastgate Shopping Centre in Inverness. For the exact location of this bus stop please check the map below.

The bus travels approximately 25 minutes from the Inverness city centre to Inverness Airport and the fare cost approximately £6.

You can also reach Inverness Airport by taxi. The taxi fare from the centre of Inverness will cost you approximately £25.


Flying to London from Inverness Airport

There are public facilities at the Inverness Airport including the car rental, a restaurant serving roast dinner, fish and chips, scampi, sandwiches, alcoholic and hot drinks. There is also a souvenir shop and the postbox. If your flight is delayed and you have nothing to do while waiting, you can buy the postcards that illustrate the Scottish Highlands and the city of Inverness and post them to your family or friends.

Inverness airport restaurant

In comparison to larger airports in the UK, the security at Inverness Airport is a quick process. You still need to go through the security scanner so please don’t underestimate the time required for it. When you arrive at the duty-free zone you will be able to do some shopping including buying whisky. Be aware however that the prices of whiskey are very high here at the airport.  Some whiskies are priced at nearly double the supermarket price.


Whisky shop Inverness Airport


Pub at Inverness Airport

If you walk further down into the duty-free zone, there’s a souvenir shop and a small pub in the corner.

Inverness airport pub


Boarding your Flight

If you fly by easyJet and take only the hand luggage with you, all you have to present to the airport staff before you board the aircraft is the boarding pass (printed or shown on your smartphone using easyJet app). If you take with you the hand luggage together with the checked-in luggage you must present your ID (driving licence, passport, or birth certificate)  to the airport staff.

Inverness Airport landing field

It takes approx 1 hour and 25 min if you are flying to London from Inverness. At Gatwick Airport, the gate allocated for the internal UK flights is gate 55. This gate might not be always available. When it’s not available, your flight will taxi at any other allocated by the airport and the passengers will be transferred by the airport bus.


Travelling from Gatwick Airport to Central London

Once you arrive at Gatwick Airport Train Station there will be three trains to London available to you.

Here is the information about flying to Inverness from London. If a flight is not enough and you are in need of local removals company in Inverness to move your possessions from London to Inverness, try Inverness Removals.