Pianos are highly valuable and extremely delicate, so great care should be taken over piano removals Inverness. If a piano must be moved, you should always enlist the help of a professional: never try to move the piano yourself. Without the right knowledge, techniques and equipment, you run the risk of damaging the piano – or worse, causing yourself serious injury!

Inverness Removals provides a fast, affordable and reliable piano removals service. Highly recommended by our clients and used by businesses and individuals across the region, our piano moving service is the safest and most cost-effective way to transport your instrument safely.


Preparing for the move


Before we come to move your piano, make sure that the cover is down and the lid has been closed. Where possible, apply felt covers to the feet: these will prevent damage during the move. You should also cover the piano with a dustproof bag – preferably one which zips or buttons shut for complete protection. We can provide piano covers on request: call now and ask for more information.


Piano Removals Inverness


Sometimes a piano just needs moving to another room in your building. We can help you take a new piano inside and set it down safely, or even get it up or down stairs. We can assist with getting rid of old pianos and bringing in replacements. If your piano needs to go off for repair or if it is moving with you to a new property, we can load it safely into one of our spacious vans or trucks, and transport it quickly to its new home.

During the move, your piano is protected under our extensive liability and transit cover, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. We take care of all aspects of the move, and we do so at a very competitive price too.Watch the video showing the complexity of piano moves.