Flying to Inverness from London can be a good idea if you don’t have much time and want to visit the Scottish Highlands. The quickest way of getting to Inverness from London is to fly from Gatwick Airport with EasyJet. In order to get to Gatwick Airport in London you have to go to Victoria Station. There are two train services to Gatwick Airport available from Victoria.

The Gatwick Express (the more expensive option) costs £20 each way and takes 30 minutes to reach the Gatwick Airport from Victoria Station. This service usually departs from platform 13.

The Southern Railway service to Gatwick Airport costs approximately £16 and takes approx 40 minutes to reach the airport from Victoria Station. If you are at Victoria Station right now, look for the service to Three Bridges as this is the one that will take you to Gatwick Airport. This train usually departs from either of the platforms between 15 and 18.


Arriving to Gatwick Airport


At your arrival to Gatwick Airport direct yourself to the North Terminal as all EasyJet flights depart from this terminal only.

To get to the North Terminal you have to use the shuttle train service. The shuttle takes approximately 3 minutes to reach the North Terminal from the Gatwick Airport Railway Station. Once you arrive to the North Terminal there will be two options available to you:

If you’ve got a luggage to check-in, use the automated check-in facilities located at level 1 of the North Terminal. If you don’t have any luggage to check-in go straight through security at level 2 of the terminal.


UK Wide Security Policy for Internal Flights


The UK security policy requires the security service at the airports to take the photographs of people once they pass through the security gates. According to the security staff I spoke to, the photograph is taken to ensure that the person who enters the security area is the one that enters the domestic flight. If you are concerned about the your privacy and prefer to opt-out from the photographs of you taken, you won’t be able to travel flying to Inverness from London.


No Information About Departures and Gate Numbers Before Security


It’s worth mentioning that the information board displaying the information about all flights and gate numbers can only be seen after you pass the security check (this is untypical for London airports). Before the security you won’t be able to check from what gate your flight from London to Inverness departs from.

Once you arrive to the so-called tax-free area you will be able to check the number of gate from which your flight departs from. The information is usually published 50 minutes before departure.


Flying to Inverness from London


All domestic (meaning internal UK flights) depart from Gate 55 at Gatwick Airport. Your identity will be checked once again at the entry point to the gate 55.

gate 55 gatwick airport

Gate 55 Gatwick Airport

The photograph of you that’s been taken at the security level will be matched with another photograph of you taken at the entry to the gate 55. The gate 55 is a large gate as it has number of sub-gates within it.

For example, there are Gates 55A, 55B 55E, 55F, 55G and it counts until the letter K. My EasyJet aeroplane for my flying to Inverness from London today on the 10th of October 2017 departed from Gate 55D.

According to the flight attendant I spoke to, flying to Inverness from London takes 1 hour and 25 minutes.


Getting from the Inverness Airport to the Centre of Inverness


The distance from the airport to the centre of Inverness is approximately 8 miles. There are three possibilities for getting from the Inverness Airport to the centre of Inverness.

  • Bus A11 available from the bust stop located just outside of the airport. The fare to the centre of Inverness cost approximately £5.
  • Taxi available from the taxi rank located near the exit from the airport. The fare  to the centre of Inverness cost approximately £20.
  • Hiring a car at the airport from Europcar, Avis, National or Alamo.

The bus ride from the airport to Inverness centre takes about 25 minutes. There is a modern bus equipped with racks for the passengers’ luggage. Passengers can enjoy fantastic views over the Scottish Highlands while travelling on this bus.

bus a11 inverness

Bus A11 Inverness

To establish whether you’ve arrived to the centre of Inverness, look for the Eastgate Shopping Centre as this is the first large building you are going to see once you reach the town centre.

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