Electric Car Charging Inverness. There is the car charging station at Asda Supermarket near the Fairways Business Park. This facility is available 24 hours a day and is operated by Charge Master . You have to be registered with Charge Master to use this service. There are two electric posts, each fitted with two sockets.

  • One with the current of 13 Amperes and 3 kilowatts
  • One with the current of 32 Amperes and 7 kilowatts

Four cars can be charged at one time as there are four car parking spaces allocated for this purpose at this Asda car park.


At the time of my visit to this facility on 10th October 2017 there were no electric cars charged.

If you find it difficult to locate this facility please look for the ATM machines in front of Asda supermarket. The car charging sockets are next to it.

The address:  Sir Walter Scott Dr, Inverness IV2 6BZ


Electric Car Charging Inverness



Location on the map:



The company that operates this facility makes the electric car charging in Inverness available to their customers by Radio Frequency Identification Card (RFID). You have to apply for one before you can charge your car.


Electric Car Charging Inverness by RFID Card



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